There are no bad parts of you.

We all have parts inside us that make up who we are. The silly side. The self-critical voice. The over-achiever. The sad one. And more! Every aspect of you is real — think of a time that part of you wanted to go out to dinner and part of you just wanted to take a nap. Both of those desires are real and both of them are helping you get through life. What if you had a conversation with those competing desires and helped them come to an agreement about what to do, and why? You can.

Internal Family Systems helps you hold space for ALL aspects of you, including your core wisdom that’s tender and calm and courageous. Your core wisdom is able to bring harmony to all of those parts that seem to fight with each other, and I can help.

Ready to get to know the parts of you that asking for your attention? I’m here to hold space and guide you to places of growth that are possible.

You can find expansion, inner healing, more happiness, wonder, and more peace with each moment. This requires devotion — and a commitment to show up for yourself. Bring curiosity and I can help you spark hope.

About my training: IFS Level 1 Practitioner and Embodiment Coach.

About me: I have found my way to bring meaning to my own life, and to others’ lives. I’ve been through experiences that I wouldn’t have wished on my worst enemy, but yet I grew tremendously from them and found healing, peace and compassion.

More about me: copywriter, beginner guitar player, somewhat-okay poet, lover of love and human connection, avid backpacker and trail runner, book nerd, ambivert, autistic, Enneagram 4, white woman learning how to serve my community with the privilege I was granted and the gifts I have been given.

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