About Andrea


INTP. Introvert. Aspie-leaning. DiSC: high C. That’s all just behavioral stuff. There WAS more professional info over here: http://about.me/andreafeucht, and there still is some, but I need to rebuild the links.

I broke up with my old life about 2 years ago and it is still very strange. 17 years of life in New Mexico, then an abrupt reboot into life in Los Angeles. Terrifying and exhilarating and . . . almost too simple. New acquaintances are beginning, I found a place to stay, and just like that I switched into a new life in Highland Park. Those people you hear about that have two lives, two families, two identities? It sort of feels like that, like slipping from one to the second without even realizing the second was there all along.

Since then I have though a lot about what I owe to my old life: the friendships neglected, the experiences halted, the trails unran, the chile uneaten. Writing about it helps, but this introvert INTP needs to reach out, too. There are a lot of things I miss. But I cannot have them back because of how I left. This is just cause and effect and something I chose. Doesn’t make it easy.

Of course, you can always just find me online and ask anything. I’m open and blunt, oversharing and forgetful, trusting and easily amused. Or see what I am up to in my life right around now.

My limited appreciation for STUFF has gone down precipitously in the last several years. It is only visible here when I link to stuff I love on Amazon. This could earn me some cash, and costs you nothing. Don’t like Amazon? Every purchase you make through that link will reduce their profit by 6%. Fair enough?