My NOW (February 2023) is a lot:

“We’re all on vacation. And then we go home.” – Sam Gennuso

It’s been a few months of beginnings. I found love and more. Love that is reciprocated and healing and mature and ready to look into the long-term future.

I’m coaching others to help them heal from within, creating a safe and tender space where it can happen.

I have so much friend-love in my life. An adventure pirate/artist, an embodied botanist, a fellow healer and more. I’m a person who thrives on love. I am a human and humans are relational.

After healing for nearly a year from long Covid symptoms, I am exploring the mountains in the way I love best and ready to have quality time on the trails I love with the people I adore.

This page inspired by NowNowNow. Last update February 2023.