My NOW (JULY 2022) is a lot:

“We are all on this roller coaster. Forever.” – Adriana Rizzolo

It’s been a year, starting with distressing health issues on the first of the year. That constant state of alarm wrecked my wholeness and brought out the weak spots in my long-distance relationship, ending in a heartbreak so unexpected I almost thought it would kill me.

And now? I’m still riding waves of healing, waves of hurt. I’m coaching others to help them heal from within, creating a safe and tender space of resonance where all of this alchemy can happen.

It’s my intent to keep changing and keep nurturing positive energy in myself and others.

I am humbled by my capacity for love, even with deep wounding from past and recent present. Love is energy and wow am I an energy body. There’s still a wounded adventure pirate/artist in my life, and room for more love, always. That’s right: I’m ethically non-monogamous. Monogamish? No matter, I am a connector and a lover. With communication all is possible.

And I’m still learning ukulele.

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