My NOW (October 2020) looks like this:

Things have upheaved. And that’s not bad at all.

I still have pretty much EVERYTHING a modern world citizen could want. Relative health, a home, financial resources, and a pantry full of food and toilet paper. COVID-19 has been a known threat for 7 months, and I am changed.

I have new love, an adventure pirate who sparked a connection that took us both by surprise in late March. I have a soul-affirming misfit love, distant in miles but ever closer in heart. That’s right: I have two deeply loving romantic partners. Even still this humbles me and swells my heart with joy.

I have dear friends who I consider my tribe. But after so many months of safety-first there’s a craving to TOUCH many humans that I cannot. To share space.

“We are all on this roller coaster. Forever.” – Adriana Rizzolo

  • Still writing about my soul and occasionally composing halfway decent poetry on my “shadow” Instagram account.
  • Cultivating new skills and creations at my day job at a creative agency, landed just in the nick of pandemic time.
  • THREE separate growth-oriented courses in progress. Learning embodied therapy for healing self and others. Connecting to wounded inner child. And digging deeper into the Great Big Journey.

This page inspired by NowNowNow. Last update October 2020.