My NOW (May 2024) is salt & vinegar chips on a hot thirsty day.

Let’s dive in!

I’m a Level 2 trained Internal Family Systems Practitioner, using this incredible model to help reveal one’s inner wisdom and healing capacity. I’m about to start seeing COUPLES (!) using IFIO (Intimacy From the Inside Out). This work has connected me to the beauty of our inner worlds and how much strength we all have.

P.S. I have spots available! Check the link above for how to schedule a short call with me. 🙂

More than a year ago, I felt recovered from my long Covid symptoms, but then I did a LOT of exercise and developed a sacral bone stress injury. That’s a healing process that I’m trying to not rush. PT and weights and walking, slowly.  

My now update would not be complete if I did not mention my very NOW, very lovely relationship with one who goes by AOK. Building something both long-lasting and healthy? Amazing.

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