“I’m a body of energy.”

(Quoted from my sage partner in love, from his OK Cupid profile.)

Since the end of 2013 I have been on a winding path to Self. I don’t take that lightly and neither should you. This path has taken me through immense grief, out of what was careening toward a lifelong partnership, to 2 new states, and many expansive loves in the human and spiritual realm.

I’m open and blunt, delighted and deep, trusting and easily amused. See what I’m up to right around now.

My limited appreciation for STUFF has gone down precipitously in the last several years. Click that link if you already use Amazon and want to remove 6% of profits from the corporation while kicking a few my way (that I will donate to MAPS psychedelic research or something similar).

Other metrics- and testing-oriented tidbits about me? Quantifying a human is tricky, but boy do we try. I used to LOVE relying on external authorities to name who I “am”. When I answer questions on a form, they call me INFP with ambivert style. When I was scared of my soul I tested on the autism spectrum. Would I now? Does that matter?

“You are not afraid because you don’t know my power as well as I do.” – Ask Molly