About me…

Since the end of 2014 I have been on a winding, weaving path to Self. I don’t take that lightly and neither should you. This path has taken me through immense transformation, from what was careening toward a lifelong partnership, to 2 new states, and many expansive loves in the human and spiritual realm.

I’m open and kind, delighted and deep, trusting and easily amused. This year my heart has been broken so thoroughly I feared I’d never come out of the well of grief and bewilderment. And still I love, for love is who I am. I’ve had the incredible experience of rebirth into an initiated woman of heart-strong power, a woman with a gift and a vision to share that gift.

My gift contains the ability to hold a brave space for others so that they may explore their own healing. I am not a healer; I am a guide and facilitator and container. I do this with somatic coaching using the Internal Family Systems modality and trauma-informed therapeutic practices. I am ever-learning and adding skills that deepen my connection with clients: Resonant Language, Inner Relationship Focusing, Somatic IFS, guided meditation and more.

Other tidbits about me? Quantifying a human is tricky, but boy do we humans try. I used to LOVE relying on external authorities to name who I “am”. When I answer questions on a form, the results call me INFP with ambivert style, or an Enneagram 4. Even with my socialization as a girl/woman, I test on the autism spectrum.

“You are not afraid because you don’t know my power as well as I do.” – Ask Molly