You can step into the life you know is possible.

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What if:

There’s nothing wrong with who you are.
You can find meaning behind your experiences.
You can heal your stuck parts.

There’s a better way of being in life.

It’s never ever too late.

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Working with Andrea was a real gift. She held a richly supportive container for exploration that was also responsive not only to what I brought to our sessions, but also what came up from moment-to-moment during our sessions. Her presence and way of being laid the groundwork for deep inner work. Through working with Andrea, I developed my own capacity to work with my parts compassionately and with deeper understanding. I can’t recommend working with her highly enough.

– H.S.

Andrea has a deep understanding of parts work and is able to hold space for the more sophisticated aspects of our sub-personalities. She has therapeutic stamina and is very adept at creating space for clarity and intra-part relationship. I feel grateful that I found Andrea. As a therapist, it was very important for me to be able to work with someone who had a deeper level of perception and undeterred focus — Andrea has all of that and more.

– K.N.

When I connected with Andrea, I knew immediately that I wanted to work with her. IFS is a modality that I wanted to dive into, and Andrea’s ability to hold space and guide me into my internal system was powerful. Throughout our time together, I was able to grow my capacity to understand my various parts, and discover how to accept and better empathize with all of my experiences, good and bad. I feel revitalized after our work together. Andrea has instilled in me a lifelong curiosity to take an interest in my internal system, and has shown me a practice that I continue on in the days, months, and years to come. Very grateful that our paths crossed.

– T.K.

Please note: I am an Internal Family Systems Level 2 practitioner and Master Certified Life Coach M.C.L.C. I’m not licensed to provide counseling or psychotherapy, and I do not take insurance. I do not assess, evaluate, diagnose, or treat mental illness or emotional disorders. Working with me is not a substitute for medical advice, clinical therapy or treatment.