About me…

Image of Andrea Feucht, IFS Practitioner and Life Coach

Since 2013 I have been on a winding, weaving path to Self. This path has taken me through immense transformation, from a place of stuckness to radical changes to my relationships, life path and location.

I’m open and kind, delighted and deep, trusting and easily amused. My heart has been broken so thoroughly I feared I’d never come out of the well of grief and bewilderment. And still I love, for love is who I am. Through a healing community of women, I’ve experienced my heart-strong power, finally understanding my role as a woman with a gift to create soft, healing containers for others.

I hold space, with gentle guidance, so that each person may explore their own healing. I am not a healer; I am a guide and facilitator and container. I do this with somatic coaching using the Internal Family Systems modality and trauma-informed therapeutic practices. I am ever-learning and adding skills that deepen my connection with clients: Resonant Language, Inner Relationship Focusing, Somatic IFS, Life Coaching, guided meditation and more.

And there’s more about me (I contain multitudes!): copywriter, beginner guitar player, somewhat-okay poet, lover of love and human connection, avid trail runner, road tripper, book nerd, ambivert, Enneagram 4, white woman learning how to serve my community with the privilege I was granted. I test on the autism spectrum. I’m a weirdo, seeking other weirdos on this path of living.