Trails to Self: Embodied IFS Coaching

Here’s what I know about all of us:

There’s nothing fundamentally wrong with us.
We can find meaning behind our experiences.
You can heal your inner system.
Therapy and coaching do not fix, but help us become more whole.
There’s a better way of being in life.

It’s never ever too late.

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Andrea has a deep understanding of parts work and is able to hold space for the more sophisticated aspects of our sub-personalities. She has therapeutic stamina and is very adept at creating space for clarity and intra-part relationship. I feel grateful that I found Andrea. As a therapist, it was very important for me to be able to work with someone who had a deeper level of perception and undeterred focus — Andrea has all of that and more.

– K.N.

When I connected with Andrea, I knew immediately that I wanted to work with her. IFS is a modality that I wanted to dive into, and Andrea’s ability to hold space and guide me into my internal system was powerful. Throughout our time together, I was able to grow my capacity to understand my various parts, and discover how to accept and better empathize with all of my experiences, good and bad. I feel revitalized after our work together. Andrea has instilled in me a lifelong curiosity to take an interest in my internal system, and has shown me a practice that I continue on in the days, months, and years to come. Very grateful that our paths crossed.

– TK