My now (Feb 2018) looks like this:

  • One month. It’s been one month living in my own space for the first time in 18 years and it is so many things: liberating, boring, freeing, enticing, confounding, and . . . worth it. At least so far. I have enough STUFF to fill a 250 square foot studio, but I’m in a 475 sq foot 1 bedroom, so my minimalism game looks pretty strong to the outside world.
  • Doing lots of writing and planning for my tales of backpacking, hiking, trail running and GEAR:
  • Pondering my potential and my future as an ultrarunner. I have chosen my tenth 100-miler, and it’s the same as my 9th: San Diego 100. This time I will race. It will be hard and wonderful.
  • Writing freelance for Barefoot Provisions and more clients along the way. The outdoor market is my next “vertical”.
  • Last week was the 43rd week of being 43. Thinking about each week¬†helps.
  • Stoicism is still my chosen way to exist happily with this world. I learn more every week.

This page inspired by NowNowNow. Last update Feb 2018.