My NOW (November 2019 (whoa how did that happen!?)) looks like this:

  • Winter is coming to my new hometown of Salt Lake City. I have missed the cold for 4 years and it’s a welcome re-embrace.
  • I love falling in love, over and over. It never stops, because I am human and pulsating and alive. This one is 1641 driving miles away, so that is its own peculiar and yet juicy conundrum.
  • Two months ago, I attempted the UTMB 171KM ultramarathon and stopped after 125KM. The story was written, but the “what now?” processing is still evolving. For now, I’m ready to bust out the snowshoes (see above).
  • Curating writing clients to keep my mind buzzing and my bank accounts moving in the correct direction. STILL SEEKING AMAZING CLIENTS: ping me to experience my juicy writing chops.
  • Connecting to that human-jetstream we call intuition by learning tarot. Yes, you read that right.
  • Current books…¬†always a lot of poetry: Mary Oliver, David Whyte, Ada Limon. But also personal growth, “outside” and “inside”: Terrence McKenna and Dossie Easton are two current faves.

This page inspired by NowNowNow. Last update Nov 2019.