My now (October 2018) looks like this:

  • Still enjoying my overly-large 475 sq ft apartment. Not enjoying the rent, but hey, Los Angeles ain’t cheap. I have only sparsely put STUFF in the space. My minimalism game looks pretty strong to the outside world.
  • Exploring my inner world using the outer world:
  • I ran 100 miles in less than 24 hours, a long-time goal. Read about how that happened here: 5 Things To Know About Running 100 Miles in a Day
  • Writing freelance for a few clients (including McCormick Spice!). Would love to work with a B Corp or otherwise ethically-awesome organization. Patagonia, call me?
  • It’s the not the age that kills ya, it’s the lack of a Stoic sense of life. Thinking about each week¬†helps.
  • Current book: The Art of Learning, Josh Waitzkin

This page inspired by NowNowNow. Last update October 2018.