My now (Oct 2017) looks like this:

  • I just HIKED THE COLORADO TRAIL! It took 26 days and boy do I have a lot of writing to do, which means:
  • Yeah, I bought and started a NEW website to talk about backpacking, hiking, trail running and GEAR:
  • At the end of June, I got laid off from my Purchasing Manager gig for a Los Angeles adult fetish company. Long story, but now I have some good time to ruminate, but just a little.
  • Still pondering my future ultrarunning. Before I choose my tenth 100-miler, I need to reflect on how much ultrarunning has brought into my life.
  • Writing freelance for Barefoot Provisions and Food Network. Growing this skill and market, slow and steady.
  • I’m 43. It’s not “forty-three” but rather, “forty-whee!” I have to remember that it goes fast and I have a lot to do. Thinking about each week helps.
  • Resolving to spend more time with everyone that lifts me up and brings me joy and accountability.

My “now” favorite words:

  • “my advice is to get rid of most of your crap,
    throw away all the magic formulas,
    and just run.
    if you think too hard about what you need,
    you will drown out the voice of your body, trying to tell you.” – lazarus lake

This page inspired by NowNowNow. Last update Oct 2017.