Shredded HOKAs After 300 Miles? Part 1 of 2

wf100-post-feet-cropWhen I finished Wasatch Front 100 ultramarathon in September of 2012, my HOKA One One Bondi B shoes had 105 miles on them. They were dirty, stinky, and were showing noticeable wear on the tread. However, they’d performed surprisingly well over the dry and rugged trails of the Utah mountains.

After another 150 miles, however, they are practically dead, following another 50 mile event and a few training runs, and then the Angeles Crest 100 in August of 2013. Now, the tread is essentially gone.

This is after about 300 miles on shoes that some runners get 800 or more miles on before needing to start afresh. Are these a particularly shoddy pair?

They’ll go in a box back to HOKA headquarters for evaluation, soon. And I’ll post the results of that, here.

HOKA One One users, how goes your miles on your shoes? High, low, somewhere in between?

2 thoughts on “Shredded HOKAs After 300 Miles? Part 1 of 2

  1. I’ve gotten many more miles than that on mine – 500 perhaps? But a friend’s pair collapsed over half the sole after only 100 miles, so maybe there is a consistency problem.

  2. Bondi B is the road shoe, with a lot of exposed I-don’t-know-what-the-technical-word-is soft stuff midsole, because they assume that you are gonna be striking the (flat) ground in very specific and consistent spots, I guess. I imagine those pointy little rocks on the AC course could shred the soft stuff in a hurry. My Stinson Evos have 500 – 700 miles of that course on em. Worn but not shredded.

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