What Makes An Ultrarunner: Guts, GU, and (minimal) Glory

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I’m experimenting with writing long-form for Medium, and would love to have your feedback over there. It’s a lovely site with good content.

I wrote a very long report from the viewpoint of a pacer for a 100-mile race, the Javelina Jundred in Phoenix. I’ve run the race before so I know it pretty well, and I was assisting (with another friend) a runner to their 2nd finish. We encounter GU, nausea, the founder of ultrarunning in the US, sand, and pizza. Enjoy.

What Makes An Ultrarunner: Guts, GU, and (minimal) Glory

2 thoughts on “What Makes An Ultrarunner: Guts, GU, and (minimal) Glory

  1. Nice story, especially nice WW outfit, and really good job by Geoff.

    It was interesting reading for me, as in, “Oh, I remember this”. It’s been a long time since I’ve been intimate with this type of ultra experience. A wonderfully intense experience coupled with an unclear answer to the question ultra runners are warned never to ask: “Why?”

    • Thanks, Buzz! Yeah, the whole pacing/racing/crewing dynamic is really cool especially when it’s good friends rather than just folks who’ve signed on to the team sight unseen.

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